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Wahoo High Speed Kit

Wahoo High Speed Kit


This kit was designed for the speed demon in mind, a 45MPH wahoo, that is! This kit allows the angler to pull these lures in excess of 20 knots. The incredibly long smoke trail can be seen for what seems like miles! Caution! Be sure to strap your gear down before deploying these lures or it might just swim away at 45MPH!

- 1 Large Big Game Roll Up Lure Bag

- 2 Fury XL Lures

- 2 Fury Lures

- 1 48oz Trolling Bar

- 1 32oz Trolling Bar

- 1 24oz Trolling Bar

- 4 10ft 300lb Mono Shock Leaders


  • All lures are professionally rigged with 4ft 700lb 49 strand cable and with double 10/o hooksets in the Fury XL and single 8/o hooksets in the Fury, ready to fish! Snap in and go!
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